1. Ice Nine

From the recording Death By Amusement


Oh the stench here is worse than a charnel house
This is a graveyard
Rows of crumbling tombstones
Vicious libelous epitaphs

I'm Ice Nine with the nice rhyme, check it, yo

I brought the thingy-ma-bobbers and a couple of watcha-ma-callits
If you wanna bring the drama then you will be fuckin demolished
I accomplish what I try, astonish when I rhyme
Common knowledge if you wanna fuck with Homage you will die
Why oh why, do so many kids insist on being so dumb?
Prove that I'm the bigger man when I go fee-fi-fo-fum
Chosen one like Neo, one who bullies Dee-Bo
Shoot you like a free throw, you don't want no beef bro
Reno Tahoe area, right where Carson City's at
Where I got a shitty lab and record the gritty rap
Many cats trippin thinking their rippin this shit but really they're not
Frauds build a facade nah I'm sick of this shit really just stop
Modern novelist documenting the apocalypse
Take my cock and stick it in a lot of sloppy naughty chicks
Raw shit, and I don't sugarcoat nothin
Call you on your bluffin, who wanna do somethin?

I want you's all to meet the son
I took him under my wing and see how I'm repaid?
Saves my life one day so he can kill me the next like a sneakthief

Ayo gimme the mic I'm finna recite a venomous type of rhyme to you
Science ain't defining this limitless height I'm rising to
I'm immune to criticism all I do is spit the wisdom
Sit and listen and you'll get a glimpse of shit you kids are missing
They piss on you and say it's raining and you ain't complaining
But they ain't tricking me I'm hip to every game they're playing
I pray for Satan so he'll change, who'd attest to that?
Then I pray to God for my fam so he's blessing that
This and that and everything in between my shit is mean
Life's a nightmare crying tears guess I live the dream
Hit the scene dipped and clean and the chicks scream
Hit her with the dick's cream long as she be sixteen
Or somewhere close to that see I ain't really picky
I get tipsy and then Icky Vicky's lookin pretty pretty ya get me?
I'm a shitty guy but excellent man
At the bottom where there's mad room left to expand, Homage