96. Heat Wave 

September 5, 2022. In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I pay homage to Pat Stay, talk about the current drought and heat wave, weather control, primary water, chemtrails, the left right dichotomy, pinning the masses against one another, and all sorts of other fun interesting stuff. I also play music by Evidence, RA the Rugged Man and Eamon, and others

95. Matt Landman Talks Current Events 

July 25, 2022. In today's podcast I talk with activist/filmmaker Matt Landman. Matt made the documentary Frankenskies which is about the aerial spraying taking place across the world. He's hosted conferences across the US to spread awareness about chemtrails, 5G, EM radiation and the impending consequences for humanity. Matt also owns a company called Spero that makes clothing to protect against EM waves. Matt's site: Spero Gear:

94. Freestyle Thoughts 

July 21, 2022 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Rife machines, big pharma, the medical industry, cancer in my family, hospitals, grocery stores, the government, vaccines, opening up for GZA, LGBTQ+++, and much much more! Documentary on Rife:

93. Recession Convention 

June 10, 2022 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about the high possibility that we are already in a recession, the housing market, inflation, the Great Reset, covid, America being bankrupt from war, the petrodollar, replacing useless eaters with AI, population reduction, OKC bombing, 9/11, George Floyd, mass shootings, DHS warning of new terror attacks, pseudointellectuals, biproducts of liberalism, Hollywood, rappers etc etc

92. Back in Action 

June 1, 2022. Back again! In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I dive into topics like gas prices, mass shootings, Johnny Depp, chemtrails, the OKC bombing, 9/11, the moon landing, flat earth, why celebrities don't hate on Biden as much as they did Trump, monkey pox, covid, etc etc. We also listen to some dope hip hop.

91. The Big Picture 

March 24, 2022 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about a new motorcycle I bought, chemtrails, the fact people are scared of an invisible virus akin to the cold instead of visible geoengineering, Ukraine and Russia, the consequences of the harsh sanctions against Russia, the petrodollar, inflation, American standard of living set to be destroyed, 9/11, Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, past lives, Atlantis, Tesla, Directed Energy Weapons, free energy, spiritual influences and much more. Music: Poor Righteous Teachers - Word iz Life Inspectah Deck - Show N Prove Freddie Foxx - So Tough Big Pun - You Ain't a Killa

Insane In Da Ukraine 

March 10, 2022 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about the conflict in Ukraine, Ukraine's aspirations to join NATO, Russia's provoked response, how Zelensky got his start, Kolomoiskyi, Servant of the People, how sanctions on Russia affect the rest of the world, gas prices, food prices, doomsday prepping, economic warfare, covid disappeared, propaganda, etc etc. Support me: Articles referenced: Guy whos in Ukraine and tells it how it really is:

89. Weird Dust and Dope Bars 

Feb 18, 2022. Been a while! I'm back to talk about some mandates being dropped, Canadian truckers acting all January 6thy, mind control smart dust, morgellons, targeted individuals, electronic harrassment, war with Russia, detox, and much much more! Plus I rap for you at the end.

88. Back to Skewl 

1-18-22 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I go over some detox protocols you could work into your life, how the sky is still digital, weird stuff floating around in the air, how the world is turning more feminine, emotional reaction over logic, Edward Bernays, propaganda, WW1, porn, unsuccessful no fap attempts, etc etc. I also say "as a society" about sixteen times. I also play music by MF DOOM, The Pharcyde, Ransom and Rome Streetz, Naughty by Nature, and RZA.

87. Vaccidents Happen (2021 Recap) 

December 23, 2021 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about some of the central themes I saw play out in 2021. Topics include a possible coming civil war, the growing divide we see taking place in personal relationships, people being less forgiving, omicron variant, chemtrails, 9/11, evangelism is dead, some people are too brainwashed to ever wake up, black v white, dem v repub, vax v antivax, mask v antimask, fake political activist musicians, celebrity sell outs, mass shootings, climate lockdowns, power outage, cyber attacks, tech tyranny, no more cars, etc etc. I also play music by Phaoroeh Monch, Eminem and Joyner Lucas, Big Pun and Pete Rock, and more! support me and the show:

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