104 Eggzistential Crisis 

January 11, 2023 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about the flooding on the west coast, how the weather is controlled, climate change, Biden wants to ban gas stoves, reporters die suddenly, vaccines, more money to Ukraine, proxy war with Russia, setting the stage for war with China, Yemen, vaccines for bees, obesity drugs, Sinaloa cartel, fentanyl, egg shortage, chicken deaths, spiritual war, and much much more! Learn how weather may be controlled: Military wants to "own weather" by 2025: CA floods; Pentagon drops vax mandate: Your govt wants to give more to Ukraine: Setting stage for China war: Yemen: Sinaloa cartel: Vax for bees: Drugs for fatties: Schools sue social media companies: AI drones fight fires: AI buzzkill: Hackers hack license plates: Expect 20% more inflation: Biden wants your stove: Egg shortage:

103. Lied Suddenly 

January 4, 2023 In this episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about the bomb cyclone pineapple express storm rolling through the west coast, fallen electrical lines, the perils of living with no internet, the Damar Hamli story, blood clots, connections of COVID and 5G/EM waves, electronic warfare, alternative COVID treatments, detox, morphic resonance and much more! I also play music by Dr. Octagon, Naked City, The Young Rascals, and Outkast. Better explanation of Morphic Resonance by the guy who thought of it:

102. Polar Plunge 

12-23-22 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage we talk about the polar vortex sweeping the nation, weather modification, predictive programming, the border, Oppenheimer, and much much more! Merry Christmas

101. Mental Magic 

Dec 14, 2022 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about Skate of the Year, snowboarding, WWI and it's implications, mind control, psychology, British MP says more deaths from mRNA vaccines in last 18 months than from all conventional vaccines combined in the last 50 years, how architecture now sucks, globalism, Ye and much more! Also read a few articles. Veggies are expensive: Bitchute creator locked out of his money: w MP Andrew Bridgen confronts British PM Sunak about vaccine deaths:

100. Secrets of the Enneagram 

11-29-2022 In today's episode of KWH I talk about the enneagram, vortex math, Ye, personality types, self growth, psychology, the documentary Died Suddenly, and much much more! Vortex math article: Free enneagram personality test:

99. Voices of the Voiceless 

November 4, 2022 In today's podcast I talk about the Tarot, Kanye West, chemtrails, nanotechnology, the v, free energy, the economy, interest rates and what that means for business, sales, and much much more. I also go into a few articles.

98. Dumbing Us Down 

10-21-22 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about and play my new song 666 Row, I talk about the election, why voting will never work, Carol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, the CFR, RIIA, how the system is really run, dumbing us down through the education system, vaccines, sales, lying, the econimy, Ye, the energy crisis in Europe, demons, Swedenborg, depression and much much more! I also play music by myself, Necro, Suga Free, Eminem, Mos Def and Aretha Franklin, and Brotha Lynch.

97. Babylon Sleepwalk 

September 29, 2022 In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I talk about what's going on with the economy, what the future may hold for us, how millennials got screwed financially, CFR, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, Nordstream pipeline, 9/11, primary water, disinfo in the truth community, and much much more! I also play a bunch of my music and my new song with Daylyt.

96. Heat Wave 

September 5, 2022. In today's episode of Knowledge With Homage I pay homage to Pat Stay, talk about the current drought and heat wave, weather control, primary water, chemtrails, the left right dichotomy, pinning the masses against one another, and all sorts of other fun interesting stuff. I also play music by Evidence, RA the Rugged Man and Eamon, and others

95. Matt Landman Talks Current Events 

July 25, 2022. In today's podcast I talk with activist/filmmaker Matt Landman. Matt made the documentary Frankenskies which is about the aerial spraying taking place across the world. He's hosted conferences across the US to spread awareness about chemtrails, 5G, EM radiation and the impending consequences for humanity. Matt also owns a company called Spero that makes clothing to protect against EM waves. Matt's site: Spero Gear:

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