From the recording Death By Amusement


I run with sets of goons, who kill the bodies I collect in tombs
It's death and doom tightened nooses and infected wounds
I get consumed with evil darkness and become possessed
I rip the soul right out your carcass and I dump the rest
I'm nothing less than mad exquisite and extraordinary
See my opponents on your visits to the mortuary
My sources vary from the bible to LaVey's edition
My angel's mad I use the demon side to make decisions
Satan lives in me I tricked him now his soul is mine
He clashes with the godly half of me that's old as time
I'm so divine that I made evil just to battle boredom
I lack endorphins you're unfortunate I'm stabbing organs
Rap is morbid not that gorgeous and it's not for kids
If you ain't fond of it then fuck you because Homage is
Raw shit apocalypse cause a vacant scene
The consequence of being locked inside a waking dream

You write your final chapter you try defying this violent rapper
Giant clappers firing have 'em dying and flying backwards
Body bagger honey fuckin' studly money grabber
Leave you bloody faster than a bunny fighting honey badgers
Nothing matters in the ground with the bugs
Might've felt emotion once but I doubt it was love
Drown you in blood, you're either going down or above
My music might send me to Hell, I'll be proud if it does
How the fuck you gonna say that what you're writing is hip hop?
All the shit you rhyme is bout as grimy as Kid's Bop
Bet that you're the type to probably side with the bitch cops
Or someone who would see his friend get jumped and then just watch
Locked in the dungeon of unspeakable doom
Drank the blood of someone dying as it leaked from the wound
I would eat you but your body's way too weak to consume
I'll defeat you because Homage is more eager than you, what