1. Mental Alchemy

From the recording Death By Amusement


Yo yo
Homage, Louie
Fuck it

I don't like to lose only in it to win it
Every day I grow a little and my limit's infinite
I'm a cynic who's timid and a critic yeah I admit it
Anything you submitted would be better if I had did it
I lived it and I tell it the way I saw it and how it was
Everything you make is a fake mirage, a cloud of dust
Doubt much believe little and think deep
I slang Jeeps you can't afford 'em they ain't cheap
And me neither me the emcee eager to kill
No money to my name and knee deep in the bills
I feel lost navigate through gloom where doom looms
Lose truth and be confused soon like who's who?
Are you you am I me and is this us?
I've come to discuss my disgust with this stuff
Shit's fucked, I ain't making it any better myself
A free slave aiming to get the cheddar and wealth

You know what I'm sayin?
Check it, yo

I get sex from chicks blessed with big breasts
My dick's flesh dirty for sure like my piss test
A bit stressed bout money and the state of the world
But you never see me trippin about gettin a girl
Cuz sluts who want my nuts are like a dozen a dime
Taking cuts in the line so they can guzzle my slime
Ones in their prime are high on my priority list
But if they're boring as shit I'm ignoring the chick
Kid with ninety-nine bitches, every problem is solved
Ask to fuck they start nodding like a bobble-head doll
Later on when we bond she'll be gobbling balls
Shoot a line a white and wipe her hiney off with my draws
Raw like that, like to get it on like that
Even when they say they're gone they just crawl right back
Sad but it's true, sorry but I've had it with you
So bye baby, find yourself and average dude

Yo yo yo yo

No one gets admitted if the full truth's unknown
Had the whole crew do a full moon blood oath
Rumble with the kid get your cranium smoked
Brain will explode, turn into a stain on the road
Dangerous foe, soul consists of wickedness I can't hide
Step in the botanical and witness all the plants die
Bad guy demons even steer clear from
Wash the blood off your face making your tears run
Fuck you and your beliefs, stabbing the priest
Attacking police, got a bitch I drag on a leash
Scabbing her knees, Homage the epitome of raw shit
Anthrax packages sent to where the cops live
Heart sits in a bottomless pit
Devil walks in our midst preaching God is a myth
While I make plans to steal gold the king's purchased
And flee in a chariot flown by winged serpents